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New year, new challenge - why yoga?

As we near the end of January, a number of us, myself included, will be chastising ourselves for failing to get through a full month of our vigorously proclaimed New Year Resolutions. Whether it was RED January, clean eating, or something else, it can be hard to maintain promises to ourselves if they are unrealistic or when we feel our commitment wane after the first few days. This is when I turn to the mat, because unlike most of the resolutions I have set myself in the past, this practice is relevant to my everyday life.

When I think of most of the students I teach, many are in the mid-stage of life and, frankly, have a lot on! What these students need from their yoga practice is the space to breathe and manage their energy in a way to support them in their busy lives. So our practice should not drain our energy, but should help us to develop physical, physiological, mental and emotional resilience to enhance our energy levels. Yoga, practiced in this way, becomes relevant to your life and helps you to deal with its challenges - who needs a resolution for that?

If you'd like to find out more, register for a class in Lady Bay. Come and spend an hour on the mat - be kind to yourself, there's no pressure to be or feel anything other than exactly what you are. Explore what your body is capable of and you might just surprise yourself!

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